Tehran Shrine

Units and Clubs

Mike Nella, P.P.

Dressed in make-up and costumes, the Clowns participate in parades to get the word out about our Hospitals. Making children laugh is their main purpose.

Legion of Honor
Raymond Baker

Founded in 1952,the Legion of Honor carries the flags of Shrine as well as the flags of the countries of Shrinedom.

Dan Richardson

The basic purpose of the Novkeps is to take charge of the Novices about to be initiated into Shrine International.

Ron Obernolte, P.P.

The Patrol marches as an escort to the Potentate in parades and as an honor escort in more formal functions.  The Patrol is an Honor Escort.

Temple Guard
Adan Bautista

Their name reflects their responsibilities to the Tehran Shrine… to guard the entrances at Stated Meetings and Ceremonials.

Mark Dawson, P.P.

Formed in 1981, the members of this Tehran Shrine Club enjoy presenting “The Spirit of the San Joaquin” circus calliope wagon at various parades.

Tin Lizzies
LeRoy Foote

Fun and maneuverability epitomizes the members of the Tin Lizzies Club as they perform in their little (scaled down) “Tin Lizzies” at parades and other Tehran Shrine functions.

Flying Shriners
Ron Obernolte, P.P.

This club, established in 1971, was formed to fly qualified children who needed treatment to Shrine Hospitals.

Knights of Mecca
Roger Wethey

Nobles who have served as the Worshipful Master of their Blue Lodge are eligible for membership.  Knights of Mecca were organized in 1969.

Fresno Shrine Club
John Techman, P.P.

The Fresno Shrine Club began in 1967, as the Downtown Club. It was formed by a member of “downtown” Nobles as a way to get together for lunch each month.

Merced/Mariposa Shrine Club
Larry Smith

The Merced/Mariposa Shrine Club was organized in 1945. The Club assists with sponsoring Shrine events in Merced and Mariposa counties.

Orron Dougherty

Hillbilly Clan #60 was chartered in 1981.The group dresses and talks like hillbillies, but has as it's main purpose raising money for the transportation of patients to our hospitals.