The Elected Divan

Whether raising money in support of our 22 Children's Hospital System, or organizing one of the dozens of Shrine events we hold each year, it takes a team of devoted individuals to make it all happen.


Listed below are the men who made a multi-year commitment to our organization and have been elected to our progressive Divan (Board of Directors). We are grateful to have the benefit of their hard work and dedication!

Larry Goeringer
Chief Rabban

Lady Jeanne

Wayne Schwartz
Assistant Rabban

Lady Coleen

Randy Forrester, P.P.
High Priest and Prophet

Lady Pam

Christopher Guillen
Oriental Guide
David Coleman

Lady Louise

Lady Sandra

Elected Boards

Financial Management

Property Management

Appointed Positions

Zograb Tsolokian
1st Ceremonial Master
Adan Bautista
Captain of the Guard
Daniel Richardson
Temple Photographer
Richard Herrinton, P.P.
Master of Ceremonies
John Green
Facilities Manager
2nd Ceremonial Master
Bill Pfister
Outer Guard
Gordon Keeton
Chief Purveyor
Chad Snyder, P.P.
Legal Advisor
Orron Dougherty
Director General
Gary Campbell
Michael Nella, P.P.
Community Liaison
Ralph Takakjian, P.P.
Historian and Curator
Mark Dawson, P.P.
Chief Registrar
Wayne Schwartz, P.P.
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